About Standards

Many years ago, I have written an editorial for PC World on standards. I thought this was a pretext to describe my first experiences in Arab world during the trip in Morocco.  Wise enough, we (I was with Mihaela Gorodcov) decided to start eating something we are accustomed with and add traditional cuisine meals progressively. So, we went to a standard international fast food chain to have a pizza. Some of our colleagues tasted the couche-couche, with hot sauce and lamp chops so next day they missed introductory sessions (we also had this special dish in Marrakesh, days later). Why am I telling this story now? Because I realized that some of the things remain in memory from the childhood. And you have easily access to them because they are learned in the years when we discover the world. My father is a shoemaker. I have two images in my mind from the years I grew up in my parents’ house: his hands working on a leather with a vertical Singer sew machine and the barn full with boot trees (calapoade de lemn) with various sizes. So, this is what comes first in my mind when I think about standards. The standards helps to make choices. And to build careers.

During my research years in Institute for Computers, I have learned about ISO (international Organization for Standardization)  and OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) and used this architecture in designing the network operating system for minicomputers at that time. This is why I immediately embrace the ISO 26 000:2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility. I know what a standard is, I know why is important, I know how to use it, I know where to apply it. On this blog, you will see some results of combining the passion, the knowledge, the skills toward realizing a vision of doing good. Sometimes, I will write in English (like this post, for my friends abroad), most of the time in Romanian, because I would like to contribute to increasing the awareness about the standards in our country.


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