CSR and SD

If I need to explain to someone what CSR is (am auzit des intrebarea “ce mai e si CeSeRe-ul asta”), I thought to use my elevator pitch: Social Responsibility  is for an organization what character is for a person. You have a label attached in the mind of your conversation partner, before you realized this. You company product has a label attached in the mind of your consumer. You need to realize this.  

When you talk about CSR, before you learn many definitions which exists, please refrain from using philanthropy, giving back to society, public relation, image. Instead, build your own and use this key words, which describe core social responsibility concepts: governance, principlesecosystem, stakeholders, trust, sustainable development (SD). To further clarify, the correlation between CSR and SD: the objective of social responsibility is sustainable development. Social responsibility treats all stakeholders based on their interests, as the end beneficiaries. Not means to an end, but the members of an ecosystem whose health depends on each member behavior.

Sunt la capitolul definitii, dupa cum v-ati dat seama.


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