Rio+20, responsibility is for governments as well. But it is not enough, we all need to walk the talk.

Conservationists who fear that the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro will fail to produce binding commitments to environmental sustainability may have some unsuspecting allies – big corporations. More on Special Report written by EurActiv

Key aspects:

– balance between natural resources and rising world population

– the discrepancies in assuming the responsibility in the world ecosystem

– the need to take biding actions not just talks about the issues

We have the tools, like ISO 26 000 Guidance for Social Responsibility, we have powerful institutions and NGOs engaged in social responsibility practices, we have governments aware and public policies examples as best practices for achieving sustainable development. World Economic Forum, Rio+20 are large fora where relevant decision making are attending. Should be more than green washing, really. I read recently about „consumerization of IT”, which is to say that tools and apps are now the utilities. It looks to me that „consumerization” becomes both an issue and a solution. This is to say, we are all consumers and we all need utilities. Utilities consume resources, so we need smarter tools  to save resources.



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