„I was sleeping in a broken car but I was dreaming for a Rolls Royce”


– And do you have it? – I asked.
– Yes, with the driver – answer Nader Ashchi. Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, the guest speaker at „umanager”. Pro bono, part of community event. Thanks.

In a prolific storytelling style, we have been told the principles to success. The dream, the imagination, the mentors, the skills, the style, the greatfulness, the faith.
Is it what it takes to succeed, to know these recipes to prepare a nice looking cake?
Is more that knowing the ingredients you need to know how to combine them. It is to apply what you know.
And, much more important: it is not to apply them once. It is to constantly, tenaciously doing the right things. It is making habits of doing great things.
Because if you choose to do easy things each day, the life will become hard. But if you do hard things each day (i would say, at least one each day), then life will become easy (and we become older, right).


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