EurActiv Policy Briefings

Euractiv Romania facilitates the dialogue among Government, businesses, academia and society representatives on national sustainable development priorities. CSR Institute in partnership with EurActiv Romania have  introduced a new tye of stakeholders’ debate, EurActiv Policy Briefings, and carefully selected the topics:

APRIL 2012

Cloud Computing Governance Framework

Roundtable   and presentations

Dossier   with paid advertorials

19April 2012

JUNE 2012

Education Policies for e-Generation

On the importance of teacher education

Roundtable   and presentations

28 June 2012




Shared Value of EU investments in Romania

Dossier   with paid advertorials

CSR   reports from EU Embassies


Romania 2013 –   trends in public policies

Report   2012 on selected key themes

Identify   and propose the trends for the next year

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