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Europe 2020 – responsabilitatea raportarii trimestriale a stadiului indeplinirii tintelor nationale

Rata ocuparii fortei de munca urmeaza un trend descendent, fiind, la nivelul trimestrului patru din 2011, la 7.7 puncte procentuale fata de tinta adoptata la nivel national.  Rata ocuparii fortei de munca este unul dintre indicatorii care descriu tintele strategiei Europe 2020. Ministerul Afacerilor Europene (MAEur)  este responsabil de monitorizarea acestor indicatori si de programul … Citește în continuare

Rio+20 – the biggest UN conference ever held

The conference venue hosted more than 45 000 people during nine days, where 500 events were organized. More than 100 leaders from Government,  12 000 delegations participated from 188 countries and three observers, more than 9000 NGOs, 4000 plus Media covering the events. Besides being the biggest, has it been also been the greatest? The … Citește în continuare

Rio+20, responsibility is for governments as well. But it is not enough, we all need to walk the talk.

Conservationists who fear that the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro will fail to produce binding commitments to environmental sustainability may have some unsuspecting allies – big corporations. More on Special Report written by EurActiv Key aspects: – balance between natural resources and rising world population – the discrepancies in assuming the responsibility in … Citește în continuare

CSR and SD

If I need to explain to someone what CSR is (am auzit des intrebarea “ce mai e si CeSeRe-ul asta”), I thought to use my elevator pitch: Social Responsibility  is for an organization what character is for a person. You have a label attached in the mind of your conversation partner, before you realized this. You … Citește în continuare

Definitia ISO pentru standarde

Standardul este in definitia ISO: „un document stabilit prin consens si aprobat de un organism recunoscut, care furnizeaza pentru utilizari comune si repetate, de reguli, linii directoare sau caracteristici pentru activitati sau rezultatele lor, urmarind obtinerea unui grad optim de ordine, intr-un context dat.” Am citat din cuprinsul standardului ISO 26 000, pe care l-am … Citește în continuare

About Standards

Many years ago, I have written an editorial for PC World on standards. I thought this was a pretext to describe my first experiences in Arab world during the trip in Morocco.  Wise enough, we (I was with Mihaela Gorodcov) decided to start eating something we are accustomed with and add traditional cuisine meals progressively. … Citește în continuare